The Zappos Experience

5 Principles to Inspire, Engage and WOW | taught by Jan Smit

Take a look what's inside:

The book in five principles:

1. Serve a perfect fit - hire people for character and values

2. Make it effortlessly swift - reduce the amount of effort your customer has to go through

3. Step into the personal - make your product about interaction, instead of transaction

4. Stretch - make sure growth is a core value

5. Play to win - being the best in the world while having fun along the way

Three actionable take-aways from the book:

1. How to hire for character fit

2. How to make a personal connection by using pride

3. How to let your customers grow your product base

Our favorite quote:

Something to think about..

*How often do you let your customer know that you value his loyalty?

*How easy (and fast) is your customer onboarding process?

*Does your customer feel that you're passionate about your business?

*Do you accept EVERY customer? Why?

Time to learn!

Jan Smit
Jan Smit
Co-Founder Business Book Academy

Entrepreneur | Marketeer | Psychologist

Favorite business books:

  • Scaling Up
  • High Output Management
  • Book Yourself Solid
  • Brand You 50

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The Zappos Experience
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