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Hello fellow learner!

This week we discuss the book The Advantage from author Patrick Lencioni.

According to Lencioni, for any business to accomplish organizational health, it should master the following four disciplines:

1. Build a cohesive leadership team.

2. Create clarity

3. Over communicate clarity

4. Reinforce clarity

These four disciplines are mainly written for larger organizations.

However, for you as a single entrepreneur, the most important discipline to focus on is creating clarity, and this is exactly the discipline that we will focus on in this week's book course.

Some of this week's action tips:

->When in a partnership, know each other's conflict styles.

Every partnership needs a healthy conflict from time to time. The issue with most partnership conflicts however, is when one of the following two conflict styles grows out of hand:

1. The avoiding-conflict style, where one of the partners suppresses his feelings and/or 2) The competing conflict style, where one of the partners behaves in an aggressive way to get his way.

-> Know why your business exists.

Why should your target audience care that you exist?

In what way does your business change the lives of your target audience?

What 'job' does it do for the target audience?

Why would your customers talk to their friends about your product?

-> Match your key opinions with your way of working

Your target audience must not only recognize your unique worldviews and key opinions about your industry, but they also must be able to recognize these opinions in your way of working.

For example, online fashion retailer Zappos have a world view that's crystal clear: it's that every business should WOW their customer with their customer service. They also match this worldview with their way of working - their customer service reps work without any scripts and also allowing their reps to stay on the phone with a customer for as long as they need.

Our favorite quote about quality:

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