Speed of Trust

The One Thing that Changes Everything | taught by Jan Smit
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Take a look what's inside:

Trust is the very basis of the new global economy, and Covey shows how trust—and the speed at which it is established with clients, employees, and constituents—is the essential ingredient for any high–performance, successful organization.

Two examples of this week's implementation tips:

Grow your reputation with ‘USP-testimonials’

Don’t just write testimonials on your website. Make sure that you create and manage your own reputation with these testimonials. A good way to start is by matching your testimonials with a USP. This way, it’s not you telling what your unique selling points are – it’s your customer.

Over-communicate your last 20%

Results matter to your credibility – a lot. In the words of Jack Welch, having results is like having “performance chits” on the table.

Your future customers are looking for predictability in your results. They don’t want to be negatively surprised with you not delivering any results.

Your action step should be to over-communicate your END results: the last 20%, where you brought your clients to the actual finish line. People want to invest in you and your business because they have an end result in mind, and they trust you for delivering this. Be sure to over-communicate how you have brought previous customers to this end result.

I hope you enjoy implementing this wonderful business book.


Jan │ Business Book Academy

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