Raving Fans

A Revolutionary Approach To Customer Service | taught by Jan Smit
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Raving Fans: A Revolutionary Approach To Customer Service

Take a look what's inside:

Hello fellow learner!

Welcome to the book-course Raving Fans from author Ken Blanchard.

This book is a very short parable, where the main character of this parable earns the three magic secrets of creating Raving Fans:

1. Decide what you want (for your customer service)

2. Decide what the customer wants

3. Deliver what the customer wants plus one (percent)

Two of this week's action tips:

1. Choose the key emotion your product elicits for every touchpoint

When you know exactly what specific emotion you want to create for every customer touchpoint, it becomes much easier for you to create the ideal customer experience.

2. Look at other industries for the one percent

The best entrepreneurs in the world are always looking at other industries, to learn something which they can apply to their own business.

Have fun learning!


Jan │ Business Book Academy

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