Predictably Irrational

The Hidden Forces that Shape Our Decisions | taught by Jan Smit

Take a look what's inside:

Three business strategies you'll learn this week:

1. How you can be in charge of your customer's first impressions of your business.

2. How you can create a sense of ownership for your customer, and how this will increase their engagement.

3. How YOU can be in charge of the comparison material your customer uses to evaluate your product.

Our favorite quote:

About the 'Endownment Effect' (the hypothesis that people ascribe more value to things merely because they own them):

Jan Smit
Jan Smit
Co-Founder Business Book Academy

Entrepreneur | Marketeer | Psychologist

Favorite business books:

  • Scaling Up
  • High Output Management
  • Book Yourself Solid
  • Brand You 50

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