How to Build Habit-forming products | taught by Jan Smit

Take a look what's inside:

The book in one sentence model:

Four elements you should use to get your customer 'hooked' on your product / service:

Three business strategies you'll learn in this course:

1. How to get and keep your customers in action mode

2. How to let your customer talk himself into the sale

3. How less thinking makes people act

Our favorite quote:

Three questions from our checklist:

*Does your product make the customer feel good about himself?

*Do you let your customer invest time and action in your product (as soon as possible)?

*Is your product easier to understand than your competitors'?

Jan Smit
Jan Smit
Co-Founder Business Book Academy

Entrepreneur | Marketeer | Psychologist

Favorite business books:

  • Scaling Up
  • High Output Management
  • Book Yourself Solid
  • Brand You 50