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Hello learning friend.

Welcome to the book-course Gung Ho! from author Ken Blanchard.

Gung Ho tells a fictional story, about an American factory in which old Indian wisdom changed the organization from a money loosing firm into a profitable business.

The Gung Ho principle (which is Chinese for working together´) is based on three animal attributes:

1. The spirit of the squirrel - doing work that's meaningful and worthwile

2. The way of the beaver - have a clearly defined playing ground and the freedom to play these rules as you see fit

3. The gift of the goose - the art of positive feedback

Two of this week's action tips:

1. Build something that you'll enjoy building and selling (for years to come)

When building a long-term business you shouldn't only think about your customer (I know, this might sound strange) - you should also think about YOURSELF.

Because if you have a great product that fills a long-lasting need in a market, but you're not inspired by it daily, it will probably not survive any form of adversity...

So ask yourself the following question: 'Do I see myself working on improving and selling this product for the next 10 years?'

2. Know your points of excellence

If you want to create standards of excellence in your product and service, you should first focus on the areas which your business naturally excels at.

This is where you can outgrow your competitors the fastest way, while making sure your customers will talk about your product.

Here are some focus points which you can identify as your points of excellence:

  1. Delivery time
  2. Simplicity/ease of use
  3. Customer onboarding
  4. Customer service
  5. Design
  6. Proactivity in helping your customer succeed

Have fun learning!


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