The Surprising Truth about What Motivates Us | taught by Jan Smit

Take a look what's inside:

The book in one sentence:

Working with carrots (rewards) & sticks (punishments) as a workplace motivator is very last century. For 21st century work, we need to upgrade to autonomy, mastery & purpose.

Three business strategies you'll learn:

1. How to be the best in your work by hacking autonomy.

2. How to grow your mastery by using daily themes.

3. How to make the journey your purpose, not your goals.

Something to think about..

* How do you structure your daily progress towards mastery?

*Do you know in which areas you need autonomy the most (time, team, task, technique)?

*How many people know what your business purpose is? If it's none - than how can they help you achieve this purpose?

Time to learn!

Jan Smit
Jan Smit
Co-Founder Business Book Academy

Entrepreneur | Marketeer | Psychologist

Favorite business books:

  • Scaling Up
  • High Output Management
  • Book Yourself Solid
  • Brand You 50

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